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Visit Hanoi at night

Hanoi at night – a very different Hanoi
If you need suggestions for things to do in Hanoi after you have arrived at Noi Bai airport and get visa to Vietnam stamp, I tell you that Hanoi at night is the most beautiful. If you cannot sleep one day, you can go out to listen to Hanoi breath to feel Hanoi in old silent appearance. You can feel life truthfully of working class in Hanoi.
Hanoi in daytime is hustle and hurry contrary to the atmosphere at night. Sometimes people were swept away by the haste of daily life and there is not enough time to stop and watch the ancient beauty of 36 streets, of Thang Long thousand years of civilization. So, if you want to experience the beauty of ancient Hanoi, you have to wait until night, when there is no congestion and stuffiness.

Where to visit at night
Wonder things to do in Hanoi, just come to any place you like. If you don’t realize the old houses and streets in the daytime, it’s wonderful to enjoy at night. You can see the ancient houses with their fragrant gardens, locals’ evening activities. You will be immersed in the sounds of the night, and will get to enjoy some great street food from the local vendors in non-touristy parts of the city favored by locals. Visiting Hoan Kiem Lake and strolling along Hanoi’s Old Quarter is so exciting. Besides, you can visit Ba Dinh square, West Lake, St. Joseph’s Cathedral (Nha Tho Lon), Ngo Quyen Street, Long Bien Bridge, Quang Ba flower market, Long Bien night market, etc…

Night restaurants in Hanoi
There are some places you can choose when going out at night and be hungry:

  • Some stalls next to Dong Xuan market
  • Pho bo (Beef noodle) 27 Hang Ngang (open from 3 pm to 5 am)
  • Chicken simmered Noodle at the crossroads of Hang Bo, Luong Van Can (open from 5 pm – 11 pm)
  • Fish Noodle – Hang Dau (Open 24/24)
  • Xôi Yến (Bird-nest sticky rice) (open from 5 am to 1 pm)

Apart from these addresses above, you can choose some stalls of bun, soup, Pho… in the night market.

Some tips and tricks when going out at night in Hanoi:
It’s so interesting when wandering around the city at night as everything is yours, nobody can interrupt your trip. However, please take note:

  • Motorbike is the most convenient means of transport; remember to fill up because it’s very difficult to find a gas station. If you don’t have a motorbike, you should go by bike. It’s also good to enjoy your trip.
  • For safety, you should not go alone, at night may come up against theft, robbery, drug addict… Avoid dark places; don’t stop at the deserted street for so long. You should report anything suspicious to the police or go fast.
  • Keep warm, take along your personal identification to show the flying squad when being asked and don’t bring things of great value like jewelry as a precaution.

Here is some experience of Hanoi at night:
If you like history, you should go to the Ba Dinh Square before 9 pm (I’d recommend at least at 20:30) to see the flag lowering ceremony with national anthem song. As it can be seen that, in Ba Dinh Square, there is a flag pole of Vietnam national flag. Every day, there are two ceremonies: The flag salutation and the flag-lowering. The flag salutation ceremony is done on all days of the year, regardless of the weather. It starts at 6 am in the summer and 6.30 am in the winter. And the flag – lowering is held in 9 pm every day with national anthem song. There are 34 soldiers who take part in the ceremony, 1 leader, and 11 lines, each line has 3 people. In the important events, the flag will be hanged up all day until finish the holiday. The soldier wears white suit because the white is the symbol of the bright mind and the loyalty. This is a sacred and solemn ritual to show our respect to country so many people go to Ba Dinh Square to see the soldiers take down the flag.

Quang Ba flower market opens at midnight, which is bustling and crowded. Many Vietnamese people have never got experience in a night flower market like that. If you really want to feel the life of many Hanoi people and Vietnam culture, you should come here. All these beautiful flowers will be transferred to all the city. Of course, flowers in this market is cheaper than others. Don’t forget to buy some as the gift for your friends or your room.

Say goodbye to Quang Ba flower market, we visit Long Bien bridge and fruit and vegetable market. Maybe this is the most crowded places in Hanoi at night. You can see how hard are poor people in Hanoi to earn their living. Labor here mainly women. It’s easy to realize the female porter here. Skinny women with old and ragged clothes are trying to complete their task to earn a little money to take care of their children and even their ailing husband. They seem unconscious of hard work.

Seeing special trading activities of the busiest wholesale market in Hanoi of their own eyes is a unique experience for foreign travelers when visiting Vietnam. If you are wondering what to do in Hanoi at night, here are experience of some foreigners in Long Bien night market.
Every week, Joe visits the night market at midnight. There are also some wholesale markets in his countries, but the trading style in Long Bien Market is totally different. At the first time visiting, Joe really feels overwhelmed by various goods, from vegetable, fruit, to fresh food. But what he often buys are herbs and fruits.
Joe said: “I feel really interested. I have visited many countries but Long Bien Night Wholesale Market is completely different. Everybody does business simply by oral trading and a textbook, from night to morning.”
According to him, if you visit Hanoi without going to Long Bien Night Market, it’s really a pity because you have missed an interesting experience. It should be on your priority of what to do in Hanoi at night. “If you just order goods from the supermarket to the restaurant, you just only can make industrial food. Being actual chief cooks, people are really interested in each kind of vegetable and choose material by themselves.”
Standing near Mr. Joe for a long time, I have seen him taking various kinds of vegetable to his basket. All are made in Vietnam. “Interesting” is his comment about the market before going to find other materials for special dishes of his restaurant.
Wandering in the market at 4am, I chanced on some French tourists. Not like Joe, they visit the market to see how the local people do business and know more about an “unsleeping Hanoi”. With travelers, traditional markets bring them deep attraction and its own meanings.

Michael – one of French tourists shares: “It’s really interesting when visiting Hanoi center, not far from where we live is a busy night market. I feel quite strange about your crowded market with many trucks and manual transporting.” His wife supposes that striking colors, noisy and hurried businessmen… in the night market are the reasons why any foreign tourists would like to visit Long Bien Night Market when going to Hanoi. They can easily discover more about local people’s culture and life style there.
When being told that this night market may be abolished in the future, French tourists show their deep nostalgia. “Long Bien District or night markets are interesting places. Traditional markets attract lots of tourists. You can improve this market to be cleaner and safer instead of abolishing it.” – A young girl of them said.

Indeed, many tourists agree that visiting Long Bien Night Market is an essential part in their itinerary. It becomes one of the most attractive and interesting markets in the world because it brings tourists a different insight of Hanoi, with most truthful experiences about normal busy life of hurried but charming Hanoi people.
That’s why Gobackpacking magazine has ever chosen Long Bien Night Market as one of 5 most interesting markets in Southern East Asia. Recently, Conde Nast Traveler – a famous travel magazine – has also listed it in top 7 most interesting whole sale markets in the world. Conde Nast Traveler notes that tourists should visit this market before the sun rises. The market opens the whole night and becomes busiest from 2 – 4am. It provides all goods from fresh food to fruits and becomes the biggest food providing market of Hanoi. If you are thinking of what to do in Hanoi at night, let’s go to Long Bien night market and enjoy this special feature of Hanoi.

I cannot tell you how beautiful Hanoi autumn drizzling night is. If you want the best things to do in Hanoi, let’s go out and you will find these images above. I’m sure, you will never regret.

Source: Vietnam Visa

Halong Bay cruises

Introducing sumptuous new sundecks on the Paradise Luxury vessels
At Paradise Vietnam, we are always on the lookout for ways to upgrade, improve and enhance our excellent facilities so as to remain at the pinnacle of Halong Bay cruises. Our most recent innovation has been the upgrade of our incredible, wrap-around, sundecks that now not only offer phenomenal views but also premium levels of comfort. Paradise Cruises always attempt to enhance the excellent facilities and service to remain at the pinnacle of Halong Bay cruises.

After starting earlier this year, we are now proud to announce that renovations to all four Luxury vessels are finished! This process began in May, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The sundeck of any cruise ship is of vital importance, as this platform affords the best views during the Halong Bay tours. It is here that our guests spend a lot of time during their Paradise Luxury cruise, taking photos, enjoying the views, and, if the weather allows, taking in some glorious sunshine rays.

The new sundecks offer not only phenomenal views but also the premium levels of comfort.
So how can the best Halong Bay cruise get any better? We have increased the number of tables and chairs, which are suitable for both private couples and larger groups. Bring your morning coffee and a few pastries upstairs to take in the early morning light. In the afternoon, relax on one of our elegant new sunbeds, which are more comfortable than ever before and perfect for taking things easy in front of an ever-changing view. And a completely new addition to our new sundecks are our comfortable lounge areas, perfect for relaxing while you enjoy the company of family and friends. The new sundecks will also feature in our itineraries, as they provide the venue for our excellent cooking demonstrations, tai chi classes, and evening canapés (weather dependent, of course!)

More tables and chairs, elegant new sunbed and comfortable seating lounge area make up the freshly renovated stylish sundecks.
At Paradise Cruises Halong Bay we employed top designers to ensure that our designs blend effortlessly with the spectacular scenery. Of course, we could never compete with the serene natural beauty of Halong Bay, but we have worked hard to make sure the top decks look stylish while still giving a living feeling to the upstairs space. Recently cruised with on the Paradise Luxury? Tell us what you think!

Summer 2015 saw the opening of Paradise Bay Beach, a private beach on Tuan Chau Island exclusively reserved only for those customers of Paradise Hotels and Cruises. So, whether you’re opting for a Halong Bay Cruise that takes you into the Bay overnight or you prefer to stay in our very own Halong Bay hotel, the Paradise Suites, there will be a private beach waiting just for you on which to unwind.
The Paradise Beach Bay opened in June and we have plenty of sun chairs, beach umbrellas, tables as well as washing facilities. We also have electric cars to transport people from the beach to the Paradise Suites Hotel, now equipped with a spa and two restaurants, and the dock from where the Halong Bay cruise ships set sail.

Northern Vietnam doesn’t have the reputation of a beach destination like other parts of the Vietnam largely due to the fact that up here we have 4 seasons. In Danang, NhaTrang and PhuQuoc they enjoy warm weather for most of the year but in Halong Bay the winters are too cold to make a beach seem appealing.
In winter, Halong bay seems to be too cold for a swim. But before winter we enjoy autumn, which is one of the best beach months of the year for the northern part of the country. For September, October and most of November, northern Vietnam is bright and beautiful- warm during the day and cool in the evenings. Furthermore, the waters remain warm from the steamy summer, which makes swimming at this time of year a real delight. It’s now the ideal time to enjoy swimming in Halong Bay. So lucky for us we have just started the season and our beach is looking more inviting than ever!

Source: Get Vietnam Visa

Sapa Trip and Bac Ha Market

Sapa Trip and Bac Ha Market
Starts: Hanoi City
Highlights: Sapa & Bac Ha.

The same Cancau or Cocly Markets in this area, Bac Ha market is a market-day and is held the Sunday of every month all year around. This is a biggest open-air market in the region in comparison with Bac Ha & Cocly markets. Vendors and shoppers alike come from all over the mountain around to stroll along the mountain trail with their pack-hoses. the market-day has reckoned as the community meeting-place, where the people can meet friends, eating & drinking, shopping... event find out their girl-friends here. So, it's no surprise that people wear their best & colorful dress... with very heavy of silver-jewelry and specially with the women embroider elaborate floral motifs on their skirts, making a technicolor dream for photographers

There are 10 Montagnard (highlanders or mountain people) groups that live around this area, the colorful Flower H'mong are the most visible, hut other groups include Dzao, Giay (Nhang), Han (Hoa), Xa Fang, Lachi, Nung, Phula, Tay, Thai... Items on sale include water buffaloes, pigs, horses, dogs and chickens and all of working tools which help people with their rural life.

Day 1 - Saturday: Hanoi – Express Train to Sapa
Pick you up at your hotel or other meeting point for overnight express train to Sapa. The train leaves at 21:30pm.
Accommodation on Luxury Express Train

Day 2- Sunday: Bac Ha Market -> Sapa
Arrival to Laocai station is scheduled at 6am, Breakfast at local restaurant with hot meal & strong Vietnamese coffee or tea to wake you up, then transfer to our private car up hill to Bac Ha Market. The same with two other market-days in this area (Cocly and Cancau markets) this Bac Ha market-day operates only on a Sunday’s morning (08:00am to 12:00am).
People and cattle sharing the same road, so make it more and more crowed, you will see a lot of families step hastily along road to market… The farther leading with a pack-hose and his wife and children follow his’s footsteps. Visit a basic Bac Ha market but full of the hill tribes with colorful clothes. Thousands of ethnic people coming to this market so make little difficult to discovery it… but that make it become famous. The market was divided into four main part: Selling animal part, selling working-tools part, Eating & drinking part and Selling clothes part. It takes at least 2hours to go around.
At noon, we take a rest at a local restaurant and lunch is prepared any time, seating down and have foods or drink during local people start leaving the market. After Lunch, have a nice walk around a beautiful Ban Pho village. Then onto Sapa. Check in hotel in Sapa and time to enjoy the peace of Mt Town, simply set down at outdoor bar to enjoy the sun set with a drink.

Day 3 - Monday:  Sapa Sightseeing & Evening train to Hanoi
Breakfast at the hotel in Sapa.
Start out by car then do a soft walk to visit Lao Chai & Tavan village for 2-3 hours on flat footpath. Picnic lunch by the creek. his is a absolutely spectacular walk through stunning scenery inhabited by some of the friendliest people you can meet. Stopping for a picnic lunch on the way at a family in Ta Van village. Return to Sapa by car in the afternoon. Transfer to Lao Cai station for an evening Express train back to Hanoi. The train leaves at 21:00 PM

All accommodations (with Twin/Double rooms) while on tour. The tour price includes all hotel accommodations with private baths. Our standard is to provide the best available accommodations without sacrificing value. Although the quality may vary slightly from one hotel to another, our commitment to your comfort is unwavering. Two-bedded rooms and One-bed with Queen size rooms are reserved in most hotels. Triples are accommodated in two-bedded rooms plus a rollaway cot where available, and are not recommended for comfort.

Transport: All transfers and road transport in modern, air-conditioned vehicles
- For a private smaller group (2pax -10pax), modern sedan cars and minibuses are used.
- For tour groups of 11pax or more travelers, air-conditioned Hyundai with 19- 25-35 seats are used on all road journeys. These vehicles are designed with excellent viewing windows and a high roof. All our vehicles are modern, spacious, comfortable, well-maintained, and safe.
- Complimentary airport transfer with Vietnam visa on arrival and on departure days

Train: Two overnight train journeys
Comfortable, air-conditioned carriage with soft sleeper four-berth shared cabin. Lower or upper bunk, clean linen provided.

Meals: All Breakfasts & Lunches on tour

•       Breakfast – Is always included on all Vietnam Royal Tourism – European Continental breakfasts are supplied at the hotels where you stay. The Continental style usually consists of rolls, butter, jams, tea or coffee and juices.

•       Lunch - Your Lunch meals are included and generally served at a local restaurant

•       Dinner – is not included and is always up to you – allows you the freedom to eat what you want and enjoy the local flavors.

Please note: If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. Vegetarian), let us know so we can notify restaurants and prepare appropriate food for you.

Tour guide: Experienced, friendly and knowledgeable guides.
Your tour guide is a professional, fully trained employee of TUN Travel. All sightseeing as specified including entrance fees.

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